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Move forward into your golden years with a new outlook, thanks to MagsE-Seasons and your own commitment to becoming the best you can be as your move on in life. We'll teach you the skills you need for the new job, the new look, or any other dreams you may be looking to realize.

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At MagsE-Seasons of Jersey City, New Jersey, we're dedicated to helping mature women push forward in their careers. With our career empowerment and personal coaching solutions, we help women from 50-65 find their place in the competitive realm of business, offering personalized services tailored to these hard-working, dedicated women. Through us, you can find new choices about career opportunities geared toward motivated, mature women in the 50-65 age range. You'll find we're a different group from the common "AARP" older generation. We call our group the "group in waiting", because they're too young to be eligible for many benefits, but old enough that they're considered a senior citizen. We don't look like the great-grandmas of yesteryear anymore, and we don't need to act like it, either!

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